Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who did you wish you were on Gilligan's Island?

So maybe you didn't lay in bed at night and picture yourself on the island with Gilligan, or maybe you did and you were Gilligan? Ok...I was always Marianne! And, as a confession, Marianne and the Professor always got married - after all, who else was she going to end up with? Skipper? Gilligan? Please....

Anyway, we were at lunch today and my boys got to talking with another child about Gilligan's Island...of course, all the adults around the table could carry this conversation! We all remember this group - but watch it today - somehow you missed all the times when the giant spider in the cave really looked like a stuffed animal...and where did they get all those costumes from - I mean I know Ginger carried alot of luggage, but the minnow was only so big! And if they had so many visitors to the island - including ZsaZsa Gabor,what is the likelihood that NO ONE would send help!

Well, I know we have Lost and Survivor and all these other islands to talk about now....but somehow good old Gilligan still makes me laugh!

Michele Everson - aka: Marianne
Proud wife of Pastor Chad Everson (Professor I guess?)
and Proud Mama to two boys who act a whole lot like Gilligan sometimes!