Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rubic's Cube makes a comeback?

Anyone see American Idol the other night - the guy with the rubic's cube? Amazing that on a show like that, the rubic's cube is making a comeback! I bet we see it popping up everywhere now - you know, sitcoms, comedy it will be the survivor's of flight 815 from Lost will suddenly find a rubic's cube that they have to mix up and solve every 108 minutes or the world will be lost....

Who knows where it will pop up next - be watching! You may want to brush up on your skills and find your old cube in the back of the closet or you will be behind the times! By the way, if you go looking at Walmart for these - they are staying sold out!

Michele Everson, Proud Wife of Bro. Chad Everson and
Proud Mama to two boys who don't have rubics cubes - yet!