Friday, September 19, 2008

Those Happy Days!

Remember this?...

"Happy days was filmed in front of a live audience" - it all started in 1974 and continues on late night schedules even today!

Happy Days was a part of my daily life! I would race through whatever things my mom had for me to do after school to make sure that I could watch Happy Days, The Love Boat (Hey - I'm a girl! I am allowed to like that show - it's all you guys out there that watched it faithfully that I'm worried about!),Fantasy Island, Remmington Steele, oh...the list goes on! What great days of television! I could glue myself to the TV and never get tired of Laverne and Shirley or Mork and Mindy...

We were doing something on the internet the other day (I was blogging for another site) and pulled up a happy days video on you tube. My boys loved it...they laughed at "the fonze" and I told them they were not allowed to laugh at him - he was "cool"! There is another one to record now! I am thankful for TIVO so we can actually find and record some of these shows for them to watch - we have made our kids into retro kids by recording all the older shows - you know, the ones you did not have to worry about bad language, drug scenes, homosexual agendas or mysticism junk - those shows! We have them hooked on The Andy Griffith show, Gilligan's Island, the Three Stooges (yeah - violence is ok in our household) and now, Happy Days will be added to the list...It's great to be retro!

Michele Everson
Proud Wife of Pastor Chad Everson and
Retro Mom to two wonderful boys!