Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Everson Family Road Trip!

Road Trips are not the same as I remember them!

We recently took a road trip with our two boys - both of whom no sooner hit the seats than they have their headphones on and they are ready to watch! Road trips are no longer what we remember them to be! Remember when you got the floorboard, the older sibling got to lay across the seats and the youngest had the back window? I remember leaving at 2:30 am because my parents were praying that we would sleep most of the way! The real "good old days" were when we had the wood paneled station wagon and we could lay in the back and watch the stars as we travelled! Now, good luck getting a word out of them while you travel - the only times we get the headphones off are when they need to switch their movies or when mom and dad ask them to - wait for it - oh no, - Heaven forbid we ask them to TALK TO US! Aarghhhh!