Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Retro Girl Wants to Know...Does Pastor Chad Everson use Encyclopedias?

Ok...There is a segment on the Georgia Bulldogs weekly show called "Water Girl Wants to Know" and it is Mark Richt's wife (the water girl for the team), who asks him a question about the team that most people think of, but would never get to ask. I love the segment and, for some reason it was on my mind when I was writing this - so you get my ramblings and nonsense!

But, the question remains - Encyclopedias....how many of you have them? We were doing our school work the other day and the boys needed information on something dealing with early American history - so, what did we do? We went to the encyclopedia - NOT! We immediately went and googled our topic and spent the next hour fishing through all that it pulled up - more information than we could have ever needed! What about you - got an encyclopedia hanging around the house? (The boys asked if that was a book that you actually had to buy when we were little...I explained that it was a 26 volume set that held a fraction of the information that is currently online today. They were amazed and then, again - that familiar look of pity came over their face where they are actually feeling sorry for me having to grow up in such lowly conditions!)....Who knows, maybe I'll talk to them about a thesaurus tomorrow just for fun!

Michele Everson
Proud Wife of Pastor Chad Everson and
Proud Mama of Two Wonderful Boys!