Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bring Back the Classics!

I don't know about you, but I am sick of the "new" toys that are on the market today! Kids today have tons of options for toys and things to do, but most of them stink. Sure, you have the cool PS3s and Nintendos, but even most of those games have to be filtered for all the language in them. Toys aren't simple anymore - they all have agendas and political messages, they are all trying to teach something or influence your child in some way - what happened to just playing?

Remember the Easy Bake Oven? It didn't bother us back then that there were girls on the box doing the baking - we assumed the boys were the ones eating the cakes! Not only that, but your parents let you play for hours with it unattended and you never once killed anyone with your oven - now they all have to have warnings and "parental supervision is required". Children today have to have toys that play for them - the superhero figures all come with prepared scenes and even scripted actions/abilities. Remember when we used to get a Superman or a Wonder Woman and you went outside to figure out where Krypton was going to be? We made up the scenarios and what each hero was capable of -sometimes we made up the heroes! And Legos...remember when you had to build from scratch - well not anymore! The kits come with instructions to build the exact city from the box!

Listen, there is nothing wrong with some of the new toys out there - but all in all, we have raised a group of kids with no imagination and no idea how to really play. They are so into all of these strange character toys (YuGiOh and all), that they have no idea what to do when you put them outside! I am ready to go Retro!