Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember this one?....When toys should remain a memory!

Ok... so not ALL retro toys are cool. This past year for Christmas, we did what we always do as parents - we looked at all the toys we would want and the toys that we had when we were a kid! (Don't act like you don't do the same thing!) So, how many times have you remembered how "cool" something was, you talk it up to your kids and you finally get it for them - only for it to be a dud!

Need an example? Electronic Football! Remember this guys? Remember how you spent hours playing with this - getting your guys to vibrate across the field? Yeah...well, not so cool! You may remember it being that way (in the same way you think it is still cool to wear your letterman's jacket when your 40) - But it is not! Ask my kids when their Dad eagerly showed it to them on Christmas morning! It was, "great - I could see where this would be cool...sure"

Still not convinced? Raggedy Ann and Andy - Every grandparent in America has told their daughters or daughters in law that their kids "have to have Raggedy Ann and Andy - all kids love them". Not true - have you looked at these things closely - have you seen the creepy expression on their faces? Now I realize that the expression may be different based on whether or not you order an original, mint condition REAL Raggedy Ann or whether you do like most parents, get the cheap one from that weird lady that parks her car on the side of the highway in town and sells them out of her trunk...but still - they are just not that cool! (Don't shoot me for messing with an American icon)

Let's face it - some of our favorite memories of certain toys should remain just that - memories! Even the toy companies know it - some of the toys they are trying to bring back have some significant changes in them! Tomorrow's blog...what's coming back!

Anyway, post and tell me what your favorite toy memory is! What was cool for you?