Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everson Family Memories

We spent some time with Chad's parents last weekend and, since they had just recently moved into their home, they were still going through some boxes they had set aside for us. As we looked through these boxes, we were confronted with just how old we have gotten! How does that happen? One day you are the young couple anticipating getting married, and the next moment you are looking at your old yearbooks and your kids are laughing at you! It is all such a blur...and after looking at so many of those pictures, it is probably a good thing!

Michele Everson
80's big haired wife of Pastor Chad Everson and
Proud "to young to be your mama"
mom to two wonderful boys!

Retro in our House...

After several weeks of reading this blog - you know why we are retro folks...but what about you? What is your favorite retro memory? Your favorite retro notion that you are waiting for it to come back around? Do you secretly wear parachute pants and leg warmers at home? Do you still grin every time the theme song from FootLoose comes on? Do your kids giggle when you remind them that you didn't have the internet growing up? Tell it all! Post and share!

Michele Everson
Proud Wife of Pastor Chad Everson and
Proud Mom of Two Wonderful Boys!