Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rubic's Cube makes a comeback?

Anyone see American Idol the other night - the guy with the rubic's cube? Amazing that on a show like that, the rubic's cube is making a comeback! I bet we see it popping up everywhere now - you know, sitcoms, comedy it will be the survivor's of flight 815 from Lost will suddenly find a rubic's cube that they have to mix up and solve every 108 minutes or the world will be lost....

Who knows where it will pop up next - be watching! You may want to brush up on your skills and find your old cube in the back of the closet or you will be behind the times! By the way, if you go looking at Walmart for these - they are staying sold out!

Michele Everson, Proud Wife of Bro. Chad Everson and
Proud Mama to two boys who don't have rubics cubes - yet!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eversons live in a Retro House!

When we moved here to Southaven, MS, we decided to rent a home and we found (with the help of a great agent) a WONDERFUL home in Olive Branch! This home is beautiful and has a great layout! The home is about 20 years old and, as we were noticing all the "cool features" in it, we realized that this home was on the cutting edge of technology when it was built. The home has a central vaccuum system and a hard wired alarm system throughout! This home was designed with the future in mind and it is wild to think that it was done so long ago!

We are so thankful for this home and the terrific landlords that have worked with us so well...they have been great. We look forward to spending these FREEZING nights inside this great space!

Michele Everson, Proud wife of Pastor Chad Everson
and proud Mama to two boys who decorated their own rooms!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Retro Christmas Toys? My retro husband, Pastor Chad Everson, put our kids back on the island!

We have Tivo in the Everson household - a wonderful modern invention that allows your family to be incredibly RETRO! Our boys watch only what we Tivo for them and we have them hooked on all the old shows! This year for Christmas, The Eversons went BACK TO THE ISLAND! When asked what they wanted for Christmas - they said the usual, the video games, the legos,etc....but #1 on their list, they want to know how Gilligan gets off the island! Imagine their disappointment when they opened lego set after lego set, but no video of the return from Gilligan's Island!

We had to search Ebay and Google to find it, but on the way to Mississippi our boys will be glued to the dvd player in the van (another modern but wonderful invention!) as they finally find out how Gilligan, Ginger, Marianne, the Professor and all the rest get home from the Island!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and here's looking at a 2009 full of possibilities!

Michele Everson, Proud wife of Pastor Chad Everson and
Proud Mama to two retro kids!